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Temposonics Linear Transducers
R Series - Rod & Profile Style Position Sensors - Profibus Output
MTS Temposonics R-Series Model RP Profile Style Sensor (top) and Model RH Hyrdraulic Rod Style Sensor (bottom). MTS Temposonics R-Series Model RF Flex Style Sensor.
The Temposonics R Series Linear Transducers are your solution when you need smart sensor capability for faster, higher precision, more reliable data processing and communication. By preprocessing sensor data in the sensor, your machine controller can reduce processing overhead and carry out other functions. Though the Temposonics R Series is at least four times faster than the other proven lines of Temposonics sensors, it’s also more precise: Resolution of 2 microns (0.00008 inch) at 7,500 measurements per second is standard; exceptional non-linearity of 0.02% uncorrected; and hysteresis of 0.00015 inches, which is the best in the industry.

"Smart" Temposonics R Series Transducers with Profibus-DP output are linear and absolute position sensors. Profibus-DP is a vendor-independent, open fieldbus standard (EN 50 170). The DP bus version is designed for high-speed data communication at the machine level with up to 32 nodes per line. Profibus-DP also provides powerful functions for diagnostics and configuration. With Profibus-DP the position of up to 15 magnets (length dependent) on 1 sensor can be detected and communicated at high speed to the controller.

Temposonics R sensors offer modular construction and non-contacting magnetostrictive technology. Two application housings are available: rod-style (Model RH) and profile-style (Model RP). With RH sensors, the sensor cartridge can be quickly replaced in the field without removing the application housing. The changeover is done in one minute with no draining or de-pressurizing of the hydraulic cylinder.

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  • Measured Variable: Displacement, speed / optional: multi-magnet measurements (up to 15 magnet positions or 5 positions + velocities)
  • Resolution:
    • Displacement: 5 µm / other values selectable via GSD-file
    • Speed: For 5 µm displacement resolution; 0.64 mm/s up to 500 / 0.43 mm/s up to 2000 / 0.21 mm/s up to 4500 / 0.14 mm/s up to 7600 mm stroke length

  • Non-Linearity: <±0.01% of full scale (minimum ±50 µm)
  • Repeatability: <±0.001% of full scale (minimum ±2.5 µm
  • Hysteresis: < 4 µm
  • Output:
    • Interface: Profibus-DP System ISO 74498
    • Data format: Profubus-DP (EN 50 170)
    • Data transmission rate: 12 Mbit/s max.
  • Measuring Range:
    • Profile Style (RP): 2 to 200 in. (50 to 5080 mm)
    • Rod Style (RH): 2 to 300 in. (50 to 7620 mm)

  • Operating Voltage: +24 Vdc, (+20%, -15%)
  • Power Consumption: 90 mA typical
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to +167°F (-40°C to +75°C)

  • Update Time: 0.5 ms typical per magnet (length dependent)
  • Warranty: 2 Years

How to Order Temposonics R Series Transducers

When placing an order, build the desired model number using this model number guide (below).
Select the configuration in the ordering table and then hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

A selection of Temposonics R-Series sensor configurations are available to meet the demands of your particular application. If you have any questions about how to apply MTS Temposonics position sensors, please contact us at West Coast Plastics Equipment, 800-392-8569. We are an authorized MTS Temposonics distributor and will be glad to help you design an effective position sensing system to fit your application.

R __ __ __ __ __ __ __ D __ __ 1 P __ __ __ Z __ __
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
1-2. Sensor Model Price
RH = Hydraulic Rod Style Sensor Stroke
RP = Profile Style Sensor
RF = Flexible Style Sensor

3. Housing Style

Temposonics RH or RF only (magnet must be ordered separately):
T = US customary threads, raised-face hex, and pressure pipe (RH only)
S = US customary threads, flat-faced hex, and pressure pipe (Pressure pipe not included with RF model) N/C
M = Metric threads, flat-faced hex, and pressure pipe (Pressure pipe not included with RF model) N/C
B = Sensor cartridge only (No application housing/pressure pipe, stroke lengths ≤ 72 in.) (RH only)

Temposonics RP only (magnet included):
V = Captive Sliding Magnet with joint at front (#252184 magnet included) N/C
S = Captive Sliding Magnet with joint at top (#252182 magnet included) N/C
M = Floating Magnet (#251416-2 magnet included) N/C

4-7. Stroke Length - (must correspond to Stroke Unit of Measurement selected in Item 8)
RH Stroke Range = 2-300 inches (50-7620mm)
RP Stroke Range = 2-200 inches (50-5080mm)
RF Stroke Range = 10-396 inches (255-10060mm)

8. Stroke Unit of Measurement ( choose U for inches and tenths or M for millimeters)
U = Inches and tenths (Encode in 0.1 inch increments, for example: 0125U = 12.5 in, 1200U = 120 in)
M = Millimeters (Encode in 5mm increments, for example: 0120M = 120 mm, 1200M = 1200 mm)

9-11. Connection Type
D63 = 6-pin DIN connector, integral, standard dual connectors N/C
D53 = 5-pin M12 dual, and one 4-pin male M8, integral connectors $63.00

12. Input Voltage
1 = +24 Vdc (+20%, -15%) N/C

13. Output Signal
P = Profibus Protocol
14 - 16. Profibus Hardware and Software Code
101 = Mutil-magnets, (multiple position measurements) max. 15 positions (select number of magnets below) $63.00
102 = Single Magnet, (standard) N/C
103 = Position + Velocity, (max. 5 positions/velocities) (select number of magnets below) $63.00
17 - 19. Number of Magnets (for multi-position measurements only)
Z __ __ = Number of Magnets for output P101 (range 02-15), or for output P103 (range 02-05)
Order additional magnets separately on the MTS Magnets page.

Temposonics R-Series Sensors are made-to-order and usually ship in 4-6 weeks, FOB: Culver City, CA.
This page last modified on 9/2/2010
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