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Price-Driscoll Mold Release - Eject-it E20-3
All Purpose Food Grade Silicone 3% Solution
Price-Driscoll Eject-it E20-3 All Purpose Food Grade Silicone Mold Release is a universal, silicone type release with 3% active solution for injection, RIM, compression, extrusion, casting, lay-up, and forming. Works well for ABS resins, acetal, melamines, methacrylate, nylon, PE, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PP, polyurethane, as well as natural and synthetic rubbers.

From the manufacturer of the first commercially available mold release, Price-Driscoll is the new line of Eject-It Mold Releases, part of their new Spectrum Series products. Here's a truly broad-spectrum release line with easy choice and price. From #E20 to #34 you can choose thermoplastics or thermosets, traditional silicone, paintables, food grade, UL qualified. Effective performance -- sufficient contents for one light application and many releases. Effectively specific -- they work where we say they work. Cost effective -- competitive with products of similar fill weights and components.

Price-Driscoll Mold Releases can be ordered by the case (12 cans/case) or by the can (2 can minimum order).
To order, select the quantity you need and hit the "Add to Cart" button.
Description Price Order Quantity
Eject-It E20-3 Mold Release - By the Case (12 cans/Case) $57.96/cs
Order Qty.    
Eject-It E20-3 Mold Release - Quantity of 2-11 Individual Cans
(2 can min order)
Order Qty.    
Eject-It E20-3 Mold Release MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) N/C
Include MSDS    
Price-Driscoll mold releases usually ship in 1-2 days, FOB: Inglewood, CA.
NOTE: All mold release aerosol products must ship by UPS Ground. Please select that method when you checkout.
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