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Price-Driscoll Mold Release - Eject-it E22
All purpose Thermoset Mold Release

Price-Driscoll Eject-It #E22, All Purpose Thermoset Mold Release Precision blended silicone mold release and lubricants to mold thermoset materials by injection, RIM, casting, compression and other forming operations. Applications include: epoxies, polyurethanes and polyesters.


From the manufacturer of the first commercially available mold release, Price-Driscoll is the new line of Eject-It Mold Releases, part of their new Spectrum Series products. Here's a truly broad-spectrum release line with easy choice and price. From #E20 to #34 you can choose thermoplastics or thermosets, traditional silicone, paintables, food grade, UL qualified. Effective performance -- sufficient contents for one light application and many releases. Effectively specific -- they work where we say they work. Cost effective -- competitive with products of similar fill weights and components.

Price-Driscoll Mold Releases can be ordered by the case (12 cans/case) or by the can (2 can minimum order).
To order, select the quantity you need and hit the "Add to Cart" button.
Description Price Order Quantity
Eject-It E22 Mold Release - By the Case (12 cans/Case) $76.20/cs
Order Qty.    
Eject-It E22 Mold Release - Quantity of 2-11 Individual Cans
(2 can min order)
Order Qty.    
Eject-It E22 Mold Release MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) N/C
Include MSDS    
Price-Driscoll mold releases usually ship in 1-2 days, FOB: Inglewood, CA.
NOTE: All mold release aerosol products must ship by UPS Ground. Please select that method when you checkout.
This page last modified on 5/17/2016

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