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Temposonics Position Transducers
Highly accurate absolute position sensors for linear measurement

Temposonics R-Series - High resolution (to 2 microns), Analog (Voltage & Current) & Digital outputs (SSI, Canbus, DeviceNet, Profibus & EtherCat)

RH & RP & RF-Series Rod, Profile & Flex Sensor with Analog Output
RH & RP & RF-Series Rod , Profile & Flex Sensor with SSI Output
RH & RP & RF-Series Rod , Profile & Flex Sensor with CANbus Output
RH & RP & RF-Series Rod, Profile & Flex Sensor with DeviceNet Output
RH & RP & RF-Series Rod, Profile & Flex Sensor with EtherCAT Output
RH & RP & RF-Series Rod, Profile & Flex Sensor with Profibus Output

Temposonics G-Series - The new G-Series position sensors feature a microprocessor-based design with enhanced diagnostics and programmability. They are available in both Hydraulic Rod Style and Profile Style housing configurations. Direct replacement for older Temposonics units (Tempo I, II, L-Series).
GH & GP-Series Rod & Profile Sensors

Temposonics L-Series - The L-Series P line has been discontinued. Order from the new Temposonics G Series Line , R Series Line or E Series Line for replacements. Call for assistance in upgrading your L-Series sensor, 800-392-8569.

Temposonics E-Series - Economically Priced, Good resolution (to .002), Analog (voltage & current) & Digital Outputs (start/stop)
EH Economy Hydraulic Rod Style Sensors
EP & EL Economy Profile-Style Sensors
ER Economy Rod & Cylinder-Style Sensors
EP2 Economy Profile-Style Sensors - Analog Output
EP2 Economy Profile-Style Sensors - Digital Output
E-Series Accessories - Magnets, Connectors, Cordsets & Mounting Hardware

Temposonics II Series - Has been discontinued due to lack of availability of parts for this older technology. Call for assistance in upgrading your Tempo II sensor, 800-392-8569.

Extension Cables
Mounting Hardware & Power Supplies
Sensor Programming Tools

The NEW Temposonics G-Series featuring Integrated LEDs for enhanced monitoring & diagnostics.

Magnetostriction - How does it work?

The Temposonics brand name was on the original magnetostrictive position sensor invented in 1970. This legacy, a wealth of practical industry experience, and an installed base of over 750,000 units is behind every MTS sensor.

A current pulse (interrogation pulse) is launched in a specially designed magnetostrictive waveguide creating an instantaneous magnetic field along the active length of a sensor. This magnetic field then interacts with the magnetic field emanating from the magnet attached to a moveable machine part. The interaction of the two magnetic fields creates a torsional strain pulse which travels at sonic speed through the waveguide medium and is detected by the sensor’s head electronics. The position of the magnet on the moveable machine part is determined by measuring the elapsed time between the launching of the interrogation pulse and the detection of the strain pulse. The result is a very precise, reliable, and repeatable position output.

Molders - Potentiometers are "Eating" Your Profits!!
Stop them with Temposonics
The Problem: Conventional linear potentiometers (linear pots) are not engineered to withstand the stress imposed by injection molding machines. In addition, most linear pots can’t stay on line while performing injector, ejector, and clamp functions at high cycle rates and with high acceleration forces. This problem is made worse by dust, dirt, and other pollutants common in the plant environment.

As a result, linear pots need repeated maintenance and frequent replacement. And even while fully operational, there is continuous mechanical wear on sensing elements which risks costly damage to other machine components.

The Cost:
  • Increased downtime
  • Reduced productivity
  • Mold damage due to worn potentiometers
  • Increased scrap

The Solution:

  • Temposonics linear transducers.

The Reliability: MTS Temposonics transducers will outlast linear pots time and time again without periodic maintenance.

The Reason: Since Temposonics uses proven magnetostrictive technology, none of the sensing elements make contact. That means Temposonics transducers will outlast linear pots with no repair and no downtime--no matter how challenging the cycle rates and forces.

The Extras: Optional analog or digital outputs are available. Digital output minimizes noise, improves resolution, and sets the stage for the next generation of controls. Linear pots offer analog outputs only.

The Clincher: MTS Temposonics transducers are priced comparable to a linear pot, while providing the performance quality of the well-known Temposonics line. Every facility with injection molding machines can improve productivity, increase equipment availability, and significantly reduce maintenance and replacements costs...with Temposonics.

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